Temporary Homes to Permanent Homes for UK Homeless

Unfortunately, when it comes to the homeless in the UK the solution is often a temporary one. Also, ones that lack much of what these individuals needs. One of the most critically important needs they have is a home. The quick fix is a shelter. The government does invest in shelters but there is a lack of investing in permanent housing solutions. The quick fix of the shelter is one that meets the need for the night. Or for many nights, but is by no means a solution.

The need is for the provision of permanent homes. Once this need is met then the cost and need for temporary shelters are going to be dramatically reduced. Dollars need to be spent on the permanent solutions.

The first step seems to be a provision of teamwork. This needs to take place between the government and the housing providers. It needs to be determined how all of the homes that are empty in the UK could be refurbished in order to provide stable living conditions for those who are now making their homes on the streets in the UK. It doesn’t make sense to have empty dwellings that would provide wonderful homes to families who are now in need.