Sleeping on the Streets in the UK

For many people, they can only imagine what sleeping on the streets would be like. Yet, there are a lot of people in the UK that are doing just that. For those that do see those that do it is most discerning for them. What this experience is really like can only be told by those that have experienced it.

Dealing with the Elements

One may think that if a homeless person can survive sleeping on the streets in the winter months then the other seasons are easy. This is definitely not the case. Of course, the winter months create the challenge of trying to stay warm. Many of the homeless own nothing. They may have a warm coat and maybe hats and mitts. But this provides little warmth to those who spend eight or more hours sleeping on a cold ground.

Early spring offers its own level of discomfort. Now there is the rain and wet grounds to cope with. Many of the homeless end up sleeping in wet clothing with nothing extra to change into.

Summer is a welcome change but only for a short period of time. The hot sweltering days can be just as difficult to deal with as the cold winter nights.

The Dangers

There is not anyone most likely that would disagree that sleeping on the street is done in a dangerous environment. There is a concern for one’s personal safety. Many of the homeless fall asleep out of exhaustion. They try to stay awake for fear of some harm coming to them. They worry about criminals attacking them. Then another worry is that the few belongings they have will get stolen. People living on the streets are often desperate. They will consider stealing from others just for their own survival. This raises the risks for all of the homelessness.

Lack of Food

For many of the homelessness, they have no way of getting good meals. They cannot buy cheap groceries with any little money they may have. Simply because they have no means of preparing the food. They certainly cannot afford to go to the local restaurants. However, even if they did have money many of the food establishments are forced to turn them away. It is because they are unkempt and often have issues with body odours. This affects the other patrons in the restaurant.

No Way to Keep Up Personal Care

Those sleeping on the street don’t have access to a shower or bath. Or even a place where they can wash their hands or face. There is no opportunity for them to wash their clothing. Some of them have no more than the clothing that they are wearing.