What are the Homeless Statistics Telling the UK Government?

There can always be speculation about the homelessness in the UK. What is not assumptions or speculations are the statistics that clearly identify just how serious this situation is.

Statistics can be powerful. However, they have to be accurate and prepared by experts that are considered trustworthy. It is not uncommon for there to be misleading data that leads to the wrong conclusions.

There have been some reports that the homelessness in the UK has been reduced. But there are other organizations that strongly disagree with this.

It is imperative that the UK government have the right facts and figures. Without these, there is no way they can address the problem in an effective manner.

Recently the UK government has come under scrutiny because of the reliability of the statistics that they may be relying on. This is adding to the level of frustation that is erupting among the general public in regards to the homelessness. For them the actual statistics are secondary. They are going on what they witness themselves. They are seeing the number of people sleeping on the streets and begging for food. This to them is more powerful then any official statistic.