The Right Wallpaper for Homeless Shelters

Homelessness is a severe global problem that requires urgent action. For this reason, it is common for new homeless shelters to pop up. They provide the needy with a roof to sleep under and food to eat. They may also give people vital advice to help them get out of their unfortunate situation.

These shelters must be decorated correctly. The wallpaper will be a significant factor in conveying a particular mood. Since the homeless people staying in these shelters may be understandably unhappy, the wallpaper should create a happy atmosphere. When shelter managers are searching for wall d├ęcor, they could use the products available from Family Wallpapers. When doing so, they will need to pick from a number of different options.

Relaxing Patterns

Being homeless will often create a tremendous amount of stress for a person. The wall decorations at the shelter should not contribute to this problem. Instead, the patterns need to be pretty relaxing. Good examples on the website include William Morris and Art Deco prints. Shelter managers should also be on the lookout for calming colour schemes.

Child Wallpapers

The sad fact is that a large number of children throughout the world are currently homeless. Shelters will often cater to young people in particular. There may be bedrooms specifically for homeless children to sleep in. These interiors will naturally require wallpaper suitable for the young. Cartoonish imagery is an ideal stylistic choice.

Personalised Wall Murals

Family Wallpapers also allows customers to upload their own bespoke images and transform them into wall murals. Shelters could take advantage of this service in a number of creative ways. For example, they might make murals containing inspirational quotes. This will help to improve the moods of the homeless people staying there.

Photos That Spark Joy

If patterned wallpaper seems too traditional, then photo wall art might be a preferable alternative. The manager could choose images of nature, cities, outer space, animals, sports and much more. Whichever they pick, it needs to spark joy in the people who see it. If there are long term residents, the manager may ask them what images they would prefer to see each day.