How Design Can Help the Homeless

Undoubtedly, homelessness is a severe problem in the United Kingdom (UK) and around the world. The causes of being without a roof over your head are varied but include such factors as domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and loss of jobs or businesses. Despite the government spending over £700 million on homelessness, there are still over four thousand people living on the UK streets.

How to Help Support Homeless Charities

Many of these organisations rely on charitable donations of clothing to their shops and outlets. Why not have a look at your shoe collection and either have a bring and buy sale, or attend a charitable event where you can donate the proceeds of the sale of your surplus shoes and clothes to one of these deserving homeless charities? Once you have got rid of the clothing items that are no longer needed, why not treat yourself to a stylish, designer shoe rack to keep your best shoewear in tip-top condition? Royal Design offers a great selection of stylish yet practical shoe racks to suit even the most discerning customer.

Shoe Racks from Royal Design

Various European designers supply Royal Design with their classy collection of quality shoe holders. This designers’ range features products from Dixie, Essem Design, LoCa, Mavis, Maze, Normann Copenhagen, Scherlin, SMD Design and Tica Copenhagen. Whatever style you are looking for, Royal Design is sure to have one to suit your needs and aspirations. After all, a shoe rack is a classy and stylish piece of furniture that will grace the hall or foyer of any home. These items are selected for their high-quality and aesthetically pleasing looks.

Materials and Colours

These shoe racks are available in a choice of several colours in aluminium, ash, birch, black, brass, brown, copper, grey, silver, steel and white. The extensive selection of colours ensures you can match the item to your home decor easily. They are also available in a variety of finishes as follows:

  • Ash
  • Glass
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Metal
  • Plywood
  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Steel
  • Rubber and
  • Walnut.

Undoubtedly, Royal Design offers an extensive range of these products to suit every customer.


Why not help out a charitable cause such as supporting homeless organisations? By getting rid of your unwanted shoes and clothes, you can raise cash for a worthy cause at the same time.