The Potential Health Risks for the UK Homeless

There are many different concerns that are raised about those who are living homeless in the UK. There is the recognition that sleeping on streets is uncomfortable and dangerous. Then most agree that it is not pleasant to go hungry and have no access to food. But added to all of this is the health risks that the homelessness face.

Poor Hygiene

Most everyone agrees that poor hygiene can lead to potential health problems which can be avoided with proper cleanliness. This is not something that the homeless choose voluntarily. The majority don’t enjoy not beingĀ able to wash or bathe. The health problems that can arise from this are sores and infections.

Poor Nutrition

Not having food that is nutritional leads to many health problems. Individuals end up with respiratory infections that can lead to serious health conditions. Some scourge for food in dumpsters and end up eating food that is tained or contaminated. Food poisoning is just one of the serious consequences of doing this.

Poor Living Conditions

Sleeping on cold sidewalks or sleeping on wet grass are just two more circumstances that can increase the health risks for the homeless.