Rights to UK Housing for Those Under Eighteen

There are no restrictions on age when it comes to who can end up being homeless. The age group of those living on the streets in the UK ranges from the very young to the very old. However, a prominent age group is those who are in their teens.

The UK Government has recognized the vulnerability of living on the streets under the age of eighteen. They have attempted to create different levels of assistance to help the various age groups. The type of assistance is geared toward specific ages, all applicable to those in the under eighteen age group.

Under Sixteen

Some young people have difficulties when living at home. Those that have these problems and are under sixteen have the right to contact their children’s services department.

Sixteen and Seventeen Year Olds

The young ones in this age group are what the government considers as children in need. To assist them the children’s services should be able to help them find accommodation. They may try and find other alternatives. If possible they may try to work with the family so the young person can live at home. Then they may try to determine if there are other family members that can help.

What Constitutes a Child in Need

The term child in need is based on specific criteria. A child in need is one who is found to be one that doesn’t have money for food. Or it can be one that is exposed to violence in the home. It includes situations where the home is not fit to live in. Then it also includes those children who are dealing with issues that are interfering with their health or even their education.